Hygge [heu-gah ]

What is it and why do we need it?


Hygge, what does it mean?

The word Hygge originates from the Norwegian word for “well-being” and has been embraced into Danish culture. Hygge is a lifestyle that not only focuses on cozy, happy comforts, but may be the key to finding happiness in everyday life. Learning how to cultivate your living space to maximize calm and comfort is key to achieving hygge. Lighting, blankets, candles, ceramics, and a good book are just some of the ways one can achieve this. While curating your living space to optimize cozy comforts is an excellent way to achieve this life style, hygge is more than just what you own.

In North America we live in a high-stress fast paced society and it can quickly become a challenge to take the time to appreciate the multitudes of gifts we have in our lives.

This is where we come in. Verdun embodies hygge, but for Canadians. We create products that will help you add those sprinkles of happiness in your life, that will help you take the time to enjoy the simple gifts life has to offer.


Hygge is a feeling

Everyone has experienced hygge at some point in their lives and because of this, it is actually much easier to describe how it feels.

Hygge is watching a camp fire dance and crackle under a star filled night sky. Hygge is indulging in that slice of maple cheesecake you have been craving. Hygge is laying on the beach listening to the waves as they crash onto the shore. Hygge in the smell of the first spring rainfall on the asphalt. Hygge is snuggling with a loved one in your cozy reading nook. That’s right, hygge is something you can experience with all five of your senses.


Canadian hygge, does it exist?

As a matter of fact, yes it does. While we do have a great deal in common with our fellow northerners across the Atlantic, we at Verdun believe Canadian hygge has some unique differences.

For starters, our country is a cultural mosaic and therefore hygge for Canadians includes bits and pieces from cultures around the world. Canadian cuisine, for example, is actually world cuisine. Canadian fashion, while heavily influenced by America also sports a great deal of individuality and reflects individuals’ cultural tastes. This leads us to another major difference.

Canada is a massive country. Unlike Danish hygge which is more homogenous both in its people and culture, Canadian hygge differs depending on the region, heck, depending on the province. East coast Canadian hygge is vastly different from central or West coast Canadian hygge. So how do Canadians begin to experience our own brand of hygge wherever they are? This is where we come in.



the art of living with Canadian Comfort

At Verdun, we place an emphasis on sourcing products made from all over the country. This is all founded in the hopes that we can make our big country just a little smaller and perhaps, just a little bit more Verdun.

While hygge is more than just the things we put in our homes, the pieces you will find here at Verdun are certainly a great start to experiencing the feeling of Canadian hygge in your everyday life.