Verdun in Europe: What We Learned at the Ambiente, the Dining, Giving, and Living Trade Show in Europe

Verdun owners members (and frequent models) Kevin and Lindsay on the banks of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dear readers! It has been some time since we updated our blog, but the team at Verdun HQ has been hard at work to do our best to bring Canadian hygge to you, fellow Canadians! In early February, we traveled to Europe to soak up a bit of European charm, some hygge from its homeland, and to the attend the Ambiente 2019 trade show, one of the largest gifting, living, and design trade shows in the world.

Ambiente was an impressively large event, filling up 12 of the buildings (some with multiple levels and halls!) at the Frankfurt Messe (Fair). The sheer size of the event was intimidating at times, with thousands and thousands of vendors and visitors alike. Booths were larger than life, with the biggest vendors often having a small cafe and bar within their space, offering potential customers a coffee or prosecco to ease deal making and networking along. Vendors pulled out all the stops, creating beautiful little (or large) pockets for people to experience their company’s offerings.

For Verdun, we were looking specifically for some items that we can bring to the Canadian market to help Canadians experience true hygge in their homes. We looked at furniture, lighting, and textiles. Some new and upcoming trends of note included a focus on lightbulbs as a design element and not just a light source, and using recycled plastic to create new textiles, including throws, pillows, and rugs.  

As a result of this experience, we distilled some of our thoughts on both hygge products and designs, as well as the hygge lifestyle, and how it is lived every day in Europe. So, for the following 3 weeks, we will be publishing a series of posts titled: Same Yet Different - What Europe Can Teach North America About the Hygge Lifestyle.

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Do you have any home design and hygge tips you’ve gained while traveling the globe? Share them in the comment section below - we would love to hear from you!