What is Verdun? The Art of Canadian Hygge

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As I write this, I am cozy in my bed, sipping my morning coffee and watching the sun rising and lighting up the tree tops outside the window. While I had been meaning to write this (first ever!) blog post for Verdun for some time now, I realized that this quiet moment I was holding for myself was exactly the right inspiration I had been looking for. And so here I am, working in bed (a no-no to many people, I’m sure), writing what Canadian Hygge, the Art of Verdun, means to me. I hope it can resonate with you too, fellow Canadian, as we enter the season our great country is perhaps best known for - Winter.

Oh Google…how you miss the nuances in this word!

Oh Google…how you miss the nuances in this word!

If you have made your way to this page, it is likely out of a curiosity, or a wondering - What is Canadian Hygge? What is Verdun? If you google Hygge (pronounced “heu-gah”), you will likely first see a big ‘ol google definition of the danish word hygge translated in english to “fun”.

I am here to tell you, cliched or not, that Hygge is so much more. While the word itself is in fact Danish, “fun” is most definitely not how I would describe Hygge, or Verdun. To us at Verdun, Hygge is a way of life. And it is a lifestyle rooted not just in Denmark, but we Canadians have our own version, interpretation, and manifestation of the same concept - but once again, the English language lacks a word to fully describe it for us!

Canadian Hygge, or as we say, the Art of Verdun, is what we call that warm, cozy, comfortable feeling you get inside you when you are in a space that creates the feeling of safety, warmth, and happiness. There are many aspects of what creates this environment. And it is highly personalized to each individual, as the things that make us comfortable and happy differ from person to person. While there are core aspects of a Verdun home - warm, diffused lighting, candles, soft blankets and pillows, curated accent pieces that bring a smile to the face when you see them, coffee and tea (and I mean LOTS of coffee and tea!!) - each cozy home is different. We all find the comfort we need at home to survive the Canadian winters.

Cozy layers and a big squishy touque make the outdoors available all year round.

Contrary to the above paragraph, we think that a unique aspect of Canadian Hygge is that it easily extends to the outdoors. Our country experiences one of the most beautiful changing of the seasons in the autumn, as our trees and bushes change to an amazing spectrum of sunset hues. There is a certain coziness to our fall season, as sweaters and knits reappear to the front of the closet, thick socks and tall boots keep our toes warm, spicy seasonal drinks keep our bellies happy (not exclusive to the infamous pumpkin spice craze), and fuzzy knit accessories protect our fingers and ears from the changing of the elements. This re-introduction to bundling up in the fall and winter are an aspect of Canadian Hygge, one which also allows us to express our own personal style to the outdoor world.

Netflix and knitting… a not-so-surprising hygge combo at Verdun HQ!

Verdun also believes that Canadian Hygge comes from shared experiences, with friends, family, and loved ones. Favourite pastimes the team at Verdun partake in is not limited to Netflix binges, multi-hour long board game sessions, and enjoying a home-cooked meal together at a dining table. These are moments we spend together in good conversation, laughter, and some playful teasing (and lots and lots of puns!! This is an unofficial sport among our group). These memories and moments help create the atmosphere of a space, as it becomes associated with those good feelings of time well spent together.

The Art of Verdun, the lifestyle of Canadian Hygge, is all curated and created in a home that is well lived in. Well used. Well decorated with meaningful accents, lighting, and textiles. A Verdun home is one that is made over time. With purposefully sourced products, Verdun can help you create the space that will remain in your memories for a lifetime, a space that you can retreat to for satisfaction and comfort (whether alone or with friends), and a space that will provide you with the peace and happiness you deserve.

Curate your Verdun home, one filled with Canadian Hygge.

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