Why Verdun?


By Canadians for Canadians

Verdun is a Hamilton, Ontario based homewares and lifestyle brand. We are dedicated to helping Canadians cultivate “Canadian Hygge” - the art of cultivating cozy comforts in all aspects of one’s life. We place a special emphasis on sourcing Canadian-made products. Whether it’s throws, table settings, ceramics, books or outerwear, we are passionate about providing items that bring comfort both emotionally and physically, while enduring the the test of time.

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Canadian Hygge

Hygge / heu-gah / is a Danish world that describes a quality of warmth, closeness, and comfortable living. There are, however, key differences between the art of Verdun and Danish hygge. Canadians have their own unique approach to the hygge lifestyle and Verdun creates products to help you achieve this. Blankets, place settings, pottery, tea and of course, candles, are just some of the items that will help you cultivate a Verdun space at home.

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Handcrafted Luxury

Nothing embodies Canadian hygge more than handmade products. All of Verdun's accessories are designed and handmade in studio with the greatest of care. Our unique crowns, seamless designs, vibrant colours and materials of the highest quality. Featuring products made from 100% Italian merino wool and fox fur, Verdun accessories will be the softest and most comforting products you will ever wear.

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Find "The One"

While we do restock some staple designs in our store, most of our product designs are made in limited quantities. This means that each Verdun item is made to be experienced by only a select few. When you purchase a Verdun item, you can rest assured that they will be of the highest quality. When you finally do find “the one” it may in fact be the only one.


Comfort Beyond Words

Each chunky knit throw is completely handmade from 100% Australian and Spanish Merino wool. With a texture that captures the eye, our throws feature a modern look and texture that is perfect for creating an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. When slung across the back of a sofa or laid onto a duvet the throws invite you to cuddle up and wrap yourself in the tranquil luxury of their soft, woolen weave. Each throw comes with a complimentary protective storage bag. This guarantees that you will be able to enjoy the bliss of owning a Verdun throw for years to come.

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Live Verdun and Savour the Home

Verdun is more than a brand, but is the embodiment of a lifestyle. Verdun products will be a part of your daily life, as well as long term memories. They will be with you when you are running out the door, and in your living space when you need a hug from the universe. You are unique, and so are each of our products.