Canadian Pride

Verdun is a Canadian, Hamilton based business that provides a stylish handmade product line created to celebrate luxurious warm comforts year round. Our line of interiors are bold yet understated, providing texture and atmosphere to your living space.


Handcrafted Luxury

Unique crowns, seamless designs, vibrant colours and materials of the highest quality. All of Verdun's accessories are designed and handmade in studio with the greatest of care. Featuring products made from 100% Italian merino wool and fox fur, Verdun accessories will be the softest and most comforting products you will ever wear.


Find "The One"

The accessories line utilizes the same luxurious handcrafted approach in a series of functional and attractive pieces for both men and women. A variety of designs with meticulous yet subtle details, Verdun's products are timeless staples. Each Verdun piece is designed and made by hand in Canada in a stylish product line that creates a warm ambiance year round.

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Comfort Beyond Words

Each piece is completely handmade from
100% Australian and Spanish Merino wool. With a thick and durable weave, the throws feature a
chunky and modern look that is perfect for creating an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. When
slung across the back of a sofa or laid onto of a duvet the throws invite you to cuddle up and wrap yourself in the tranquil luxury of their soft and woollen weave.




Live Verdun

Verdun is more than a brand. Verdun products will be a part of your daily life, as well as long term memories. we will be with you when you are running out the door, and in your living space when you need a hug from the universe. You are unique, and so are each of our items.